Keeping Your Business Clean

Power Washing

Improved Health and Safety

Disease Control and Biosecurity

Create a Culture of Clean

What is dirty equipment costing you?

Heavy Equipment

Are unforeseen mechanical issues, equipment failure, overheating and engine burnouts halting production?

Agricultural Buildings

Are contaminated buildings leading to
animal disease, loss of animals and loss of revenue?

Commercial Properties

Are rising insurance costs and lack of company pride affecting your industrial and commercial properties?

Life is better
when things are clean.

As a Canadian company, at Bluewater Powerwashing,
we believe that taking pride in your business means creating a
culture of clean.

When your equipment and surroundings are clean, you and your employees can work better and are more efficient and happier. And you can make more money because you have less down time and increased productivity.

Based on true passion

We care about helping businesses achieve their full potential.

And you can’t let dirty equipment stand in your way. 

With over 35 years experience with pressure washing and a state of the art mobile unit, we know how to do the job right.

We have farming in our blood, we understand the importance of biosecurity and believe in helping our neighbours. We are responsible, reliable and get the job done properly.  

We take great pride in our work and are passionate about keeping things clean, profitable and efficient.

John Boersen and Catherine Salvatore

Our Equipment

At Bluewater Powerwashing, we run two power washing guns off one large commercial unit.  Using a 35 horsepower diesel motor, with a 750,000 BTU burner, we use 12 gallons a minute of pressurized hot water to thoroughly clean your equipment or buildings.  

We offer both power washing and pressure washing services. Power washing is the use of hot water under pressure and pressure washing is the use of cold water under pressure. We offer both services depending on the needs of the customer.  We also use different types of nozzles for different jobs and customize our services to your specific job.

Our completely independent unit supplies its own water, runs off of a generator and can travel to remote areas. We perform state of the art power washing, keeping your business clean and profitable.

average number of wand waves pressure and power washing per year


If it's dirty, we'll get it clean.


Book Bluewater Powerwashing for regular, weekly service and never have to step into a dirty truck again. We will clean your fleet of trucks on your off hours, so you can start your week off right. 

Heavy Equipment

Keep your trucks and equipment clean and inspire your crew with company pride by creating a culture of clean. Improve health and safety and eliminate down time due to preventable maintenance.

Commercial Properties

Build your reputation as an industry leader, establish confidence and trust. Keep your property clean and show your customers the pride you take in your business.

Agricultural Buildings

Prevent disease and keep your assets safe. With our background knowledge in farming, we understand biodiversity and take great precautions to eliminate cross contamination.


John and Cathy have been washing our fleet for 3 years. They are very reliable and do an amazing job. We get compliments all the time from both the general public and customers how clean our trucks look going down the road. Having clean trucks not only look good but make it much easier for mechanics to detect and repair mechanical issues. All our drivers are also very happy with the job they do. They work very hard and always show up on time allowing me to focus on other issues without worrying about having clean trucks.
Alphonse Mailhiot
How It Works
    1. Contact Us Today
      We would love to hear from you to discuss your next project. We work 7 days a week and offer 24 hour emergency service.
    2. We Clean It
      Using our state of the art mobile power washing, we will have your property or equipment pristine and clean in no time at all.
    3. Your Business Shines!
      Your business sparkles as you build your reputation, create a culture of clean amongst employees and increase profits.



You can trust us with your equipment, we treat it like our own.

Bluewater Powerwashing

Keeping Your Business Clean

Stop wasting your time, energy and profits on dirty equipment. Instead, improve your health and safety and control disease and biosecurity. Demonstrate pride in your business with Bluewater Powerwashing’s commitment to excellence. 

Create a Culture of Clean Today.

Improved Health and Safety

Disease Control and Biosecurity

Create a Culture of Clean

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